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Why Salts Hydrocolloids are the Natural Choice

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This document demonstrates how rigorous research, quality control and assessment processes have made Salts Healthcare one of the world’s leading providers of hydrocolloids for ostomy care.

The adhesive that sticks to the skin, or ‘hydrocolloid,’ is one of the most important features of any ostomy appliance.

Simply explained, hydrocolloids are comprised of adhesive and absorptive components designed to adhere to the skin and to be absorbent. Technically speaking, hydrocolloid adhesives are composed of “natural fluid absorbing and thickening agents colloidally dispersed in an elastomeric, pressure-sensitive adhesive.”

These two materials impart physical properties of fluid absorption and gelation, with an adhesive and cohesive structure. Common materials in hydrocolloids include pectin and sodium carboxymethylcellulose. Hydrocolloids are especially suited to ostomy care because they absorb discharge, protect the skin and are gentle and flexible.

When you take the time to consider the variations in different patients’ lifestyles, skin types and levels of activity, the climates they live in and the nature of their surgery, you will see how important choosing the right hydrocolloid can be in terms of skin condition, comfort and wear-time.

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