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The Skin Health Alliance takes to the world stage

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The stage is set for the world’s largest dermatology conference and the Skin Health Alliance is ready to take a lead.

The 23rd World Congress of Dermatology will take place in Vancouver, Canada, from 8th June and is the world’s oldest and continuous international dermatology meeting. Dermatologists, scientists and researchers will gather together to learn and share about the latest advances in skin health.

The Skin Health Alliance will be taking part too sharing its ground-breaking work accomplished since its initial launch at the last World Congress in Seoul in 2011. It will use the meeting to show case its partner’s technology and innovation whilst affording a unique opportunity to meet some of its 500 plus dermatologist contact’s face to face.

Skin Health Alliance partners are at the forefront of dermatological technology with the science behind their brands making them world leaders in the fields of skin care, safety and efficacy. Our presence at the congress will enable our partners to have an even louder voice at this important forum whilst supplying a valuable platform from which to promote their work.
Throughout the Congress the Skin Health Alliance will be canvassing delegates to complete its International Dermatologist Skin Survey. This will afford partners a rare independent insight into dermatologists and their patients’ opinions about skin health and the brands they use. The survey will be unique and due to the closed nature of the Congress the results will include only the opinions of skin professionals.

With 95% of the public trusting dermatologists and 94% more likely to believe products claims if endorsed by a dermatologist, there has never been a better opportunity to bring the Skin Health Alliance, its partners and the specialty together.

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