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Skin Health Alliance sponsors the Ocean Brothers Atlantic row fundraiser

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Skin Health Alliance have committed £15,000 to sponsoring a mammoth fundraising challenge taking place in January 2018. Ocean Brothers Greg Bailey (26) & Jude Massey (18) are rowing the Atlantic Ocean to raise funds for the British Skin Foundation in memory of their father Peter Massey.

Sadly, Peter passed away in August 2015 after an arduous 16 year battle with skin cancer. One year on, the brothers made a decision to cross the second largest ocean in the world to raise as much money as possible for research into the disease.

James Stalley, Skin Health Alliance Business Manager said:
“We are proud to support Greg and Jude with this amazing challenge. As a not-for-profit organisation the Skin Health Alliance is committed to donating surplus income to skin charities. By helping the Ocean Brothers we are not only reaffirming our commitment to supporting good causes but also investing in their dedication, determination and courage by using our donation to raise even more money for the British Skin Foundation.”

Greg and Jude added:
“The Ocean Brothers are incredibly proud to announce the Skin Health Alliance as our first Gold Sponsor. The Skin Health Alliance’s kind generosity will go a long way towards supporting a cause that both Jude and I hold so dear to our hearts. We feel that the Skin Health Alliance is a perfect sponsor as they too are committed to supporting skin disease charities such as the British Skin Foundation.”

The 3,000 mile trip from Gran Canaria to Barbados should take approximately eight weeks and will be a test of both physical and psychological strength. To add some perspective, only 317 crews have successfully crossed the Atlantic, with 153 unsuccessful crews and six crews who died attempting the challenge. Some 536 individuals have been into space and over 5,500 have climbed Mount Everest. Conditions on the boat will be basic, relying on solar panels to power a water maker for both vital drinking water and fresh water to rehydrate freeze-dried meals.