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Skin Health Alliance showcases partners’ skin innovation and technology

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The world’s leading skin brands partnering with the Skin Health Alliance are going public about the research and technology underpinning their products.

Billions of dollars are spent every year by the cosmetic and household industry to ensure their products are skin safe and deliver the benefits consumers expect.  As part of the SHA’s ongoing mission to push skin science and technology to the top of the agenda we have created an innovation section on our website giving our partners a public platform on which to highlight their ground breaking research.

Dermatologists and skin experts have welcomed this revolutionary development giving them an invaluable resource and granting the public access to the latest skin research news from the SHA’s partners.

“As a dermatologist attending numerous international conferences I have been aware of the great strides made by the skin industry over recent years.  I welcome this initiative supplying me and my colleagues regular research updates from the comfort of my pc.”

The Skin Health Alliance Innovation section can be found here.