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Skin Health Alliance reveals new online presence

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The Skin Health Alliance today launched its new website – .  Easy to navigate the website gives an informative and transparent overview of the Alliance outlining the brands it works with and the good causes it supports.

Launched at the World Congress of Dermatology in Seoul in spring 2011 the Skin Health Alliance is an international independent not-for-profit organisation working with worldwide dermatologists, researchers and beauty scientists with a common interest in the promotion of healthy skin.

The Alliance awards professional accreditation to companies, services and brands seeking specialist dermatological endorsement.  Alliance accreditation reassures consumers that a product has been professionally assessed by an independent dermatological committee, follows global safety directives and is not damaging to the environment at any stage of its development, manufacture or disposal.

Speaking about the new website Matthew Patey, Managing Director of the Skin Health Alliance said:

“Clarity and transparency are important to the Skin Health Alliance and that is why we are very pleased with the look, feel and content of the website.  I hope it communicates our mission clearly and will act as a useful resource for a public and an industry who take an interest in skin.”

For further information on the Skin Health Alliance please contact Matthew Patey.  Tel 020 7391 6349 Email .

For further information on the website designed by Double Sided, please contact John Crumpton. Tel 020 7912 9961 Email