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Skin Health Alliance launches

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The 22nd World Congress of Dermatology in Seoul was the platform earlier today for the launch of a new collaborative dermatological initiative.

The Skin Health Alliance is an international independent not-for-profit organisation working with worldwide dermatologists, researchers and beauty scientists with a common interest in the promotion of healthy skin.

Approximately five years ago, a piece of consumer research focused on how some manufacturers were making unsubstantiated dermatological claims around efficacy and implied safety without the necessary research to qualify them, effectively confusing the consumer. In response the skin industry and regulators met with leading dermatologists to discuss the issue and seek a solution.

That solution was the creation of the Skin Health Alliance.

The Alliance awards professional accreditation to companies, services and brands seeking specialist dermatological endorsement.  Alliance accreditation reassures consumers that a product has been professionally assessed by an independent dermatological committee, follows global safety directives and is not damaging to the environment at any stage of its development, manufacture or disposal.

In addition consumers using Skin Health Alliance dermatologically accredited products know they are making a contribution to helping a billion people around the world who suffer physically and psychologically from skin disease.  Annually, the Alliance will distribute profits to worldwide charities and causes thereby funding dermatological research into more effective treatments and potential cures.

Speaking about Skin Health Alliance, British consultant dermatologist Dr John English said:

As dermatologists we witness every day the physical and emotional suffering brought about by skin disease and skin cancer.  Initiatives aimed at helping these sufferers by supporting dermatologists studying the mysteries of skin are to be encouraged.

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