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Skin Health Alliance joins dermatological debate

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The Skin Health Alliance (SHA) once again had a major presence at the British Association of Dermatologists Annual Meeting in Liverpool this week.  There was a great deal of media interest concerning Dr John McFadden’s allergy research concerning certain ingredients used in some cosmetic and household products.

The two ingredients in question, methylisothiazolinone (MI) and methylchloroisothiazolinone (MCI/MI), have raised slight concern amongst the dermatology community as they could potentially be linked to a recent rise in contact allergies.

Both ingredients are approved for use as a preservative in a number of skincare and other consumer products, and although the recent research shows there has been a significant rise in allergic reactions, the numbers are still comparatively small. Everybody’s skin is different and it is unfortunately the case that certain individuals can react to an ingredient safely used in products for others, especially when tested at higher concentrations than would be used in an everyday product.

SHA dermatologist reviewers adhere to a very stringent set of standards to reassure consumers that use of the products we accredit is not detrimental to skin health. These standards include ensuring the levels of ingredients used in a product meet national and international regulations.  We have however noted this increase in allergic reactions to MI and MCI/MI with interest, and will be working closely with any brand whose products we currently accredit to monitor the situation and ensure that consumer safety is always at the forefront of any decision moving forward.

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