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Skin Health Alliance celebrates 6 years at the forefront of global skin health and safety

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The Skin Health Alliance (SHA) celebrates its 6th anniversary in May. Since its inception at the 2011 World Congress of Dermatology in Seoul we have grown into one of the world’s largest skin networks bringing together dermatologists, scientists and skin brands with a common goal of promoting healthy skin.

Consumers on every continent have come to recognise and understand the SHA symbol as one representing trust and quality. Leading brands at the forefront of skin science and technology have called upon our experts to independently validate the safety and efficacy of their products proving to their customers they have what it takes to achieve the prestigious accolade of being awarded SHA accreditation and endorsement.

Accreditation is just one of the services that the SHA offers. We have also authored and presented scientific papers at dermatology conferences around the globe. Some of these papers have also been accepted for publication in international medical journals. It is no wonder we are fast becoming the first point of contact for the media when sourcing factual skin health information.

With an ever growing list of accredited brands partnering with the SHA and expanding network of international dermatologists, we aim to secure the Skin Health Alliance as the lead advocate of skin safety and trust in the years ahead.

For further information about the Skin Health Alliance please contact James Stalley: or telephone: +44(0)207 391 6070