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Skin cancer research receives financial boost from the Skin Health Alliance and its partners

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At the close of 2013 the Skin Health Alliance and its corporate partners generously donated an £80,000 gift to the work of the British Skin Foundation.

The British Skin Foundation is a leading funder of dermatological research in the UK aiming to help the 8 million people who suffer every day from skin disease and skin cancer.

The British Skin Foundation has launched their ‘It takes 7’ campaign to help increase the amount of money raised to fund vital skin cancer research.  Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the UK with over 100,000 new cases being diagnosed each year.

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Reflecting the shocking rise in skin cancer statistics and the importance of this initiative the Skin Health Alliance has decided to pledge £20,000 from its donation toward the ‘It takes 7’ campaign.

The Skin Health Alliance and its partners wish the British Skin Foundation every success with its fundraising work and with the ‘It takes 7’ campaign.

For further information on the British Skin Foundation please contact Hermione Lawson.  Tel 020 7391 6347 Email

For further information on the Skin Health Alliance please contact Christie Wright. Tel 020 7391 6349 Email