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SHA dermatologist talks about skin disease, skin health and skin care.

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"As a dermatologist I have increasingly noticed how the public have started taking their skin seriously. The numbers of people suffering from a skin condition are growing and every day my clinic grows ever busier with people concerned about mysterious rashes, aggravating itches or suspicious moles. The challenge for dermatologists is to respond to this growing demand with practical help, treatments and advice.

Our messages regarding sun protection seem to be getting through too. With millions of new cases of skin cancer diagnosed every year it’s important to reinforce our sun safety advice. The key thing is to wear an SPF 30 + sunscreen and respect the summer sun. Stay in the shade when the sun is at its hottest between 11am-3pm, keep cool wearing loose fitting clothes and remember sunscreen on exposed parts of the body. Also babies and young children must be kept out of direct sunlight.

Those suffering from psoriasis and eczema may find that the sun improves their condition. However it’s essential that these potential benefits are properly weighed up against UV damage and the skin cancer risk.

It’s not just skin disease I get asked about, often those with sensitive skin inquire about what cosmetic, household and baby products to use. With so many brands out there I simply say look out for the Skin Health Alliance badge. Working with hundreds of dermatologists around the world they independently review the research behind skin products. Only those able to scientifically prove skin safety and efficacy are awarded the Skin Health Alliance dermatological endorsement.

So next time you wonder what dermatologists’ use you know what to look out for."

Dr Tabi Leslie
Consultant Dermatologist
Skin Health Alliance