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Salts strengthens its skincare credentials with another UK first

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In another UK skin care first, family-owned Salts Healthcare is delighted to announce that it is joining global household names such as Gillette and Oil of Olay after becoming the first ostomy manufacturer to receive dermatological accreditation from the Skin Health Alliance.

The Skin Health Alliance is an independent not-for-profit organisation working together with international dermatologists, scientists and industry with a common interest in the promotion of healthy skin.  Approximately five years ago a piece of consumer research focused on how some manufacturers were making unsubstantiated dermatological claims around effectiveness and implied safety without the necessary research to qualify them, effectively confusing the consumer. The skin industry and regulators met with leading dermatologists to discuss the issue and seek a solution. Therefore the SHA was established and launched at the World Congress of Dermatology in 2011 to bring together independent international dermatologists and industry to create robust standards which consumers could trust and understand.

The SHA now awards professional accreditation to companies, services and brands seeking specialist independent dermatological recognition for their product research.

The award is further proof of Salts continued efforts in skin care research as since 2003 the company has been the only ostomy manufacturer in the UK to receive accreditation from The British Skin Foundation for its studies into skin-friendly hydrocolloids.

Surplus income derived from the Skin Health Alliance’s activities is donated to registered charities and causes around the globe supporting skin disease and skin cancer research.

In addition to being in the company of some of the biggest global brands, including Gillette, Olay, and Head and Shoulders, the ‘dermatologically accredited’ mark will give stoma care nurses and their patients the reassurance that:

  • Salts’ products are skin safe when used properly
  • The science and research behind Salts’ products is robust and has been scrutinized by the world’s leading independent dermatologists
  • Salts’ products meet international regulatory standards
  • Salts’ products are not harmful to the environment at any stage in their development, manufacture or disposal
  • Salts are helping to fund legitimate skin disease and skin cancer research charities around the globe

Visit to find out more about the SHA dermatological accreditation.  For more information about Salts Healthcare visit

Philip Salt, Chief Executive said: “I’m very proud with this award.  Ten years ago we became the first ostomy manufacturer to receive accreditation from the British Skin Foundation.  We still are the only UK manufacturer to hold such an award and now we have independent international dermatological recognition.”

Business is strong for Salts Healthcare with many recent new product launches, across Europe and in Australia and North America plus Brazil in September 2013.   In the last five years it has grown to have a 500+ strong workforce and, whilst others have found business difficult during the last five years, Salts has seen some of the most dramatic growth in the company’s 300 year history.

The key to their success is, according to Peter Salt: “Continual investment in manufacturing, marketing, research, development and innovation.  We are not a plc, but a family-owned company that can engage with our markets and especially our customers quickly due to a highly skilled and dedicated workforce.  Our customers are the most important part of our business and this second ‘skin-friendliness’ award shows our commitment to providing the best possible dermatological solutions for them.”

Discussing international growth for the British company, Robert Salt, Export Director said: “This international award gives this British company a great platform and selling tool to continue our successful expansion across the world.  Only last month (September 2013) we travelled to Brazil to open a new distribution network.”

Salts Healthcare is a 300 year old family-owned firm based in Aston but with offices across the UK and Ireland.  Currently run by three tenth-generation brothers, Salts is one of the UK’s oldest family firms.  Originally cutlers and then manufacturers of surgical instruments by Royal Warrant, the company diversified into artificial limbs to support the war effort during the 1914-18 conflict.  This continued until after the Second World War when in 1948 they started to produce ‘handmade’ ileostomy pouches similar to those made in the United States.  Since those early days they have been constant innovators in stoma care products becoming world-renowned.