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QVC US references Skin Health Alliance Humidity Paper

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The international home shopping network QVC referenced the Skin Health Alliance’s Impact of Ambient Humidity on the Skin scientific paper when Dyson’s humidifier showcased on their US channel recently.

Dyson received Skin Health Alliance accreditation for its innovative humidifier technology back in spring 2015. To support the launch the Skin Health Alliance commissioned a scientific review paper to explore the effect of humidity on skin. The findings concluded that low humidity may affect the skin in a number of ways, for example by decreasing the water content of the stratum corneum, causing dry skin scales, aggravating skin texture, reducing elasticity and causing fine wrinkles.

The Dyson humidifier uses Air Multiplier™ technology for even distribution and Dyson’s own Ultraviolet cleansing technology to kill 99.9% of bacteria in water. It also projects clean, hydrated air around the room helping users keep healthy in the winter, and doubling up as a fan to keep you cool in the summer.

You can view the QVC video below:

Skin Health Alliance’s James Stalley said:

“We were thrilled when the paper was published and presented at the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology. Now that QVC have chosen to use the paper as a tool to communicate to its audience about the importance of healthy hydrated skin, we are over the moon.”

“It is yet another example of how the Skin Health Alliance uses its dermatological credentials to provide further consumer confidence in the safety and efficacy of its partner’s brands.”

The Skin Health Alliance awards professional accreditation to companies, services and brands seeking specialist dermatological endorsement. Alliance accreditation reassures consumers that a product has been professionally assessed by an independent dermatological committee, follows global safety directives and is not damaging to the environment at any stage of its development, manufacture or disposal.