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Male skin: an increasingly sensitive subject

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Sensitive skin is a very real problem for the majority of the population and has a measurable impact on quality of life. Although the precise pathophysiology remains undefined, recent advances in the assessment of sub-clinical symptomatology have revealed a potential relationship between structural changes in the stratum corneum and the structure and function of the epidermal nerve supply. These changes suggest a link between sensitive skin and the increased passage of potential irritants through the stratum corneum.

While traditionally viewed as a female problem, it has recently become apparent that the rates of occurrence of self-assessed sensitive skin in men are rapidly approaching those in women.

Gillette® has prepared this white paper to provide healthcare professionals with the latest information on the impact of shaving on sensitive facial skin, including suggested product regimens. Three bodies of new research explore this topic offering healthcare professionals not only dermatologist’s opinions and clinical research, but also information directly from men themselves regarding their increased perception of sensitive skin. This is especially important as these men are turning to the dermatologist community for guidance to address this matter.

A recent global study by Gillette® found that two-thirds of men believed themselves to have sensitive facial skin – with nearly half of men reporting that the problem had become worse over the last five years – and that for more than half of men with sensitive skin, shaving is a significant issue. The results of two recent studies by Gillette® into the experience of dermatologists reflected those of the male public. The great majority of dermatologists surveyed reported that they have seen an increase in male sensitive skin, caused in part by an increased acceptance in society of the issue.

Nearly six in ten men actively seek out shave and skin care products designed for sensitive skin, and more than 90 percent of dermatologists agree that a man’s choice of shaving products matters.

The range of sensitive skin-specific shaving products developed by Gillette® is based on decades of research and deep understanding of the specific needs of men and their skin. This range includes both pre- and post-shave skincare products uniquely designed to minimise skin irritation, maximise skin moisturization and reduce cutting forces for lower drag and pull. When combined with Gillette’s ProGlide™ range of razors – offering Gillette’s thinnest, finest blades which have been proven to be well tolerated on sensitive skin – these products together offer a shaving solution that dermatologists can be comfortable recommending to men with sensitive skin.

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