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HAIR ink's training programme receives SHA accreditation

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It is with great pleasure that we announce HAIR ink’s HPT® scalp micro-pigmentation training programme has been awarded Skin Health Alliance accreditation. HAIR ink. founder, Anouska Cassano, can be commended for her thorough and professional approach in creating this insightful and comprehensive training programme designed to aid hair restoration clinics medical teams and dermatologists offer this complimentary camouflaging hair loss solution to their patients in this worryingly unregulated industry.

Anouska Cassano is a recognised industry expert in all areas of micro-pigmentation. She is experienced in medical tattooing which incorporates; areola reconstruction and nipple re-pigmentation, scar camouflage and facial feature restoration. However, it is in the area of Hair microPigmentation Treatment (HPT®), more commonly known as Scalp Micro-Pigmentation (SMP) that Anouska is specifically regarded as being an expert in her field, having worked with some of the leading hair transplantation clinics and surgeons in the UK, Europe and USA.

The HAIR ink., SHA accredited, HPT® Training Course is a unique offering to hair restoration clinics medical teams and dermatologists to provide onsite scalp micro-pigmentation training of the highest standard. Scalp micro-pigmentation to date has most widely been used as a hair loss solution for male pattern baldness. In the majority of cases the procedure is used to give the patient the illusion of a closely shaven head or cropped appearance. However, as a complimentary hair loss solution, HPT® can be effectively used to camouflage hair transplant scarring, enhance hair restoration procedures by giving the illusion of additional density or camouflage diffuse thinning and hair loss specifically for women.

The underlying causes of hair loss, particularly for females, can be complicated. The ability to offer patients a more "permanent” camouflaging solution whilst investigating what might be the underlying cause of the condition, has proven to be valuable to patients who welcome the additional service rather than having to rely on traditional concealer products, hair systems or hiding thinning patches under scarves or headwear.

HAIR ink. work closely in partnership with a number of medical professionals to compliment the wider hair loss solutions they offer with HPT®. Unlike some other providers, HAIR ink. do not position the treatment as being “better than or as good as hair”, however one of the key strengths of HPT® is its potential usage in combination with other hair loss solutions to help patients realise their hair loss goals. Whether this is women using the treatment in combination with continued use of hair concealers or patients who have undergone hair restoration surgery looking to create the illusion of additional density to enhance the overall result of their transplant. Additionally, in the absence of other suitable hair loss solutions, HPT® can be a very effective stand alone treatment for camouflaging hair loss and giving the illusion of hair or hair density.

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