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Are your skin care products still accredited by the Skin Health Alliance?

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Since its launch in 2011 the Skin Health Alliance International Dermatological Accreditation and Endorsement Scheme has grown rapidly in becoming an invaluable asset to its partners and the brands they represent.

Over the years consumers have become very “skin savvy” by putting more thought than ever in choosing a product that has had its scientific and efficacy claims independently verified by a trusted dermatologically led organisation - the results from a 2015 independent Public Skin Health survey showed that the endorsement by an independent skin health authority was the third most influential consideration when buying a skin care product.

Therefore Skin Health Alliance partnerships are quite clearly both mutually beneficial and highly valued by the brand and the consumer. However from time-to-time a brand may choose to cease renewed accreditation and endorsement. These brands are contractually obliged to cease promotion or to infer partnership, accreditation and endorsement of its products.

We would encourage consumers to challenge any efficacy claims and skin safety credentials made by brands, in particular those referencing the Skin Health Alliance. As the research behind products is constantly being updated, the Skin Health Alliance is unable to properly verify and accredit any skin safety credentials of a brand that it no longer partners with.

Please check the Skin Health Alliance Approved Products page to see the up-to-date list of the brands which currently are accredited and endorsed by the Skin Health Alliance.