Consumer benefits

The ‘Dermatologically Accredited’ mark is an independent assurance that products have met a standardised set of skin safety requirements that are not set by the manufacturer or brand, but which have been agreed upon by leading international dermatologists and skin scientists.

How does this benefit me?

Skin safe

It helps you identify products that have been verified as skin safe by independent dermatologists.

Science based

It guarantees you that the science behind a product is thorough and that any claims are based on scientific evidence.

Surpassing standards

It demonstrates that a product has met, or even surpassed, local and international regulatory standards.

Environmentally friendly

It gives you the peace of mind that a product doesn’t harm the environment at any stage in its development, manufacture or disposal.

Who are the
Skin Health Alliance?

The Skin Health Alliance is an independent not-for-profit organisation working together with international dermatologists, scientists and industry with a common interest in the promotion of healthy skin.

The Skin Health Alliance awards professional accreditation to companies, services and brands seeking specialist independent dermatological recognition for their product research.

Surplus income derived from the Skin Health Alliance’s activities is donated to registered charities and causes around the globe supporting skin disease and skin cancer research.
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Frequently asked questions

  • British Skin Foundation
  • International Foundation of Dermatology
  • European Society for Pediatric Dermatology

Any manufacturer can state its products are ‘dermatologically tested’ without actually having to prove they are. Our ‘dermatologically accredited’ logo is a reassurance that products have met our thorough set of skin safety requirements that are not set by the manufacturer or brand, but which have been agreed upon by leading dermatologists and skin scientists.

Yes, as long as a manufacturer submits all the evidence and scientific data required and it proves the product to be skin safe. The Skin Health Alliance has standards against which submissions are reviewed. Additionally we will also verify any claims made with regards a product’s efficacy to ensure that the consumer is buying an effective product. Once all these boxes are ticked a product is awarded Skin Health Alliance accreditation.

Yes, there is a fee to pay for the review process conducted by a professional dermatological committee. Should a brand be successful and accreditation awarded, there is also an annual license fee.