Pampers Baby wipes

Convincing the public that Pampers baby wipes are not harmful to infants’ skin health

Pampers wanted help convincing the public that using their baby wipes is not harmful to infants’ skin health.

For many years the public had been led to believe that certain baby wipes may have an astringent effect, or cause a severe allergic reaction in some children. Several scare stories have appeared in the media featuring parents not only concerned for their children but confused about what reports to believe and what products to use.

We independently reviewed the research underpinning Pampers baby wipes to ensure the ingredients and finished product are not harmful to babies’ skin.
We also commissioned a dermatological research paper to understand whether claims that these products are detrimental to skin health could be substantiated. Little evidence was found in the scientific literature or published in medical journals. In fact, the literature pointed towards modern baby wipes being comparable with cotton wool and water. Our research paper has since been presented at international conferences and been put forward for publication in scientific journals.

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