ATG Gloves

Reassuring industrial glove users of the safety and comfort of ATG Gloves

ATG wanted help reassuring industrial glove users that ATG Gloves are safe, comfortable and promote good skin health.

Many people experience skin issues and cite the use of industrial gloves as the cause. However, these issues are usually caused by underlying conditions such as latex allergy, hand dermatitis or eczema. They can be triggered by contact with irritants, a pre-existing allergy or even water. In fact 20-35% of all dermatitis diagnosis is hand dermatitis and not glove related at all.

ATG approached the Skin Health Alliance seeking dermatological accreditation for its industrial gloves. They also wanted independent confirmation to verify their novel approach to hand care through constant innovation sets them apart from others in the market place. Our experts in contact dermatitis and eczema reviewed the science supporting ATG’s claims. On the basis of the clinical and user trial data supplied, they unanimously agreed that ATG gloves are skin safe and shouldn’t present any issues for most users.

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