About us

The Skin Health Alliance awards professional dermatological accreditation to products, services and brands around the world.
We help consumers feel confident in their choices by reassuring them products have been independently verified as skin safe.
We’re also proud to support a range of skin charities and good causes through our work.

What we do

Dermatological accreditation
Our dermatological accreditation starts with a scientific review performed by our team of independent dermatologists. This is a professional analysis of a product’s research including a thorough assessment of the ingredients, clinical trials data and proof of efficacy. Once accreditation is awarded we then implement an annual licensing agreement.
Dermatologist broker
We can secure the services of a dermatologist to help brands with additional initiatives that go beyond their product’s accreditation – from media days and editorials to professional presentations and more. A Skin Health Alliance spokesperson can add a professional edge to a brand’s message, and help it gain greater credibility with the public and media.
Scientific review papers
As an authority in dermatological research we present at international skin conferences and have papers published in the world’s leading medical and scientific journals. As our work is impartial and professionally presented it is often brought to public attention through the media. In turn our accredited brands are often able to use our research paper findings as a platform for highlighting their own product’s science and benefits.
Accreditation of dermatologist clinics
Our accreditation goes further than product and service endorsement. Dermatologists are at the forefront of skin health and they provide services for patients seeking medical or aesthetic interventions. We award our accreditation to those dermatologist led clinics able to prove they deliver a quality service and their ethos is one promoting good skin health and wellbeing.

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Case studies

Pampers Baby wipes Convincing the public that Pampers baby wipes are not harmful to infants’ skin health
Cussons Carex Setting the Carex brand apart in a crowded market place.
Braun Promoting the skin benefits of using Braun shaving devices.
ATG Gloves Reassuring industrial glove users of the safety and comfort of ATG Gloves

Our values


Rigorous skin safety requirements set by us, not the manufacturer or brand.


Products are verified skin safe by us and not just ‘dermatologically tested’ by the manufacturer.


Consumers can easily identify products that are approved by leading dermatologists and skin scientists.


Accredited brands are helping us fund skin disease research charities.

How you can apply

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